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Our Reverse Mortgage Services are designed to help senior citizens benefit from what they already own. So far, we have worked with numerous homeowners and plan to continue to help homeowners moving forward. There are many benefits from utilizing a reverse mortgage such as the tax-free liquidation of the equity in your home and elimination of monthly mortgage payments. With our professional team of trained and accredited staff, we can assist you through the reverse mortgage process.

Eliminate monthly mortgage payments

Establish a line of credit

Pay off debt

Get cash in the bank

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Put Your Home to Work for You

Stop dreaming and start living

Your home is your largest asset, but you can’t access the hard-earned cash in your home unless you sell the home or take money out from your equity. What options are available for you? How does one tap this  this excellent source of equity? Call our reverse mortgage experts to find your answers.


Put your home equity to work and eliminate your monthly mortgage payment.


Use a reverse for purchase to purchase your next home, all with no monthly payment.


Use a reverse mortgage for higher-valued properties to access more proceeds.

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South River Mortgage retirement professionals have changed the lives of many. South River Mortgage is helping seniors every day to put home equity to work.

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Work with all U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approved lenders.

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Get Cash Out. Receive a Monthly Payment, and Open a Line of Credit with a Reverse Mortgage.