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Our Reverse Mortgage Services are designed to help senior citizens benefit from what they already own. So far, we have worked with numerous homeowners and plan to continue to help homeowners moving forward. There are many benefits from utilizing a reverse mortgage such as the tax-free liquidation of the equity in your home and elimination of monthly mortgage payments. With our professional team of trained and accredited staff, we can assist you through the reverse mortgage process.

Eliminate monthly mortgage payments

Establish a line of credit

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Get The Funds You Need With A Reverse Mortgage

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Your home is your largest asset, but you can’t access the hard-earned cash in your home unless you sell the home or take money out from your equity. What options are available for you? How does one tap into this excellent source of equity? Call our reverse mortgage experts to find your answers.



Put your home equity to work and eliminate your monthly mortgage payment.

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Use a reverse for purchase to purchase your next home, all with no monthly mortgage payment*.



Use a reverse mortgage for higher-valued properties to access more proceeds.

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Retirement should be a time for you to enjoy the wealth you have accumulated, not a time for you to struggle to make ends meet. For some seniors, a fixed income just isn’t enough. With credit card debt piling up and other expenditures knocking at your door, you may feel trapped. You don’t have to be. At South River Mortgage, we offer the best reverse mortgage solutions. We help you achieve financial security. Here’s how our reverse equity mortgage works.

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What is a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

The idea of reversing your mortgage may seem confusing. Yet it’s simple in design. When you take out a traditional mortgage, you’re being loaned a large amount of money to make a purchase or refinance an existing mortgage. You make payments each month toward the principal and interest until the loan is paid off. 

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage like any other, except it allows you to access equity in the form of cash or a line of credit and there is no required monthly mortgage payment to principal and interest. The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is the only federally-backed reverse mortgage program created to give seniors a way to remain in their homes. If your home value is above the federal lending limits, you may qualify for a  jumbo reverse mortgage.

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

If you’re wondering what the benefits of a reverse mortgage are, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are several. Some benefits of a reverse mortgage are:
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  • Access cash directly, similar to a cash-out refinance but without the burdensome payment
  • Gives you a reverse mortgage line of credit that is more flexible than a HELOC
  • Can be used to make another purchase on a home
  • Offers investment opportunities
  • Supplement your income to ensure you can pay your bills every month

One of the benefits of a reverse mortgage is that you can receive cash at closing, similar to cash-out refinance options. If you’ve been working on building huge equity in your home, then you deserve to be able to access that money when you need it. Our reverse mortgage programs can be superior to cash-out refinance options depending on your needs. You can use your home’s equity to make the purchases or repairs that you need.

It even lets you have a reverse mortgage line of credit. If you need help funding your retirement, then our flexible reverse mortgage line of credit is a safe way to make that purchase. There is no obligation to draw on the credit and no penalties if you don’t. You can achieve financial peace of mind knowing that it’s there for emergencies. The proceeds are also tax-free and the available credit grows over time.

Reverse mortgages are a retirement tool. A reverse equity mortgage gives you the chance to put a little money in your pocket. It can also give you the funds you need to delay taking social security early. You can think of it as a reverse mortgage funding your retirement.

A reverse mortgage can also be used for a home purchase. If you want to use your reverse equity mortgage to make a reverse mortgage purchase or for reverse mortgage funding, then you should speak to our experts. We can help you choose the right reverse mortgage loans for your specific case.

Finally, our highest-rated reverse mortgage funding allows you to pay your bills every month. It’s a monthly payment that gives you money. Don’t worry about paying off your credit cards or utilities anymore. A reverse home mortgage can be the answer to your financial worries and give you peace of mind.

Our Reputable Reverse Mortgage Brokers

If you’re looking for the top HECM lenders, then you need to consider our expert reverse mortgage brokers. Reverse mortgage loan services aren’t always easy to understand. Nor does every broker offer reverse mortgage information, reverse mortgage protection, or the lowest reverse mortgage rates. There’s a reason we’re the highest rated reverse mortgage brokers in the country.

Our reverse loan solutions are concerned solely with your needs. We’re one of the few flexible reverse mortgage brokers that gives the lowest reverse mortgage rates and gives flexible reverse mortgage payoff options. While you don’t have to worry about reverse mortgage payoff options so long as you remain in the house, we understand that circumstances change. When that occurs, you can count on our expert team to help you figure out your reverse mortgage payoff options and ensure you’re taken care of.

Our reverse mortgage loan services are also reputable because we’re one of the few companies that specialize in refinancing a reverse mortgage loan. If you think that your equity has increased since you signed up for our expert reverse mortgage solutions, then let us know. We’ll look into refinancing a reverse mortgage loan for you. As a result of refinancing a reverse mortgage loan, you may end up with lower interest rates and even more money each month.

Our reverse mortgage rates are unlike any of the other companies out there, too. We’re proud to say we will fight to get you the lowest reverse mortgage rates out there. This makes our benefit over HELOC lenders even more apparent. Discovering your reverse mortgage rates is vital to choosing the reverse mortgage for new purchases or other types of reverse mortgage because it determines how much the reverse home mortgage is going to need to be paid later.

While you won’t have to deal with the reverse mortgage costs in your lifetime, your children may have to deal with the reverse mortgage costs after you pass. Our reverse mortgage for seniors is based on the equity of your home. However, there’s also interest involved. A HECM reverse mortgage with South River Mortgage means that your heirs will never owe more than the home is worth, and are entitled to any equity remaining once the loan is paid off. To get the lowest reverse mortgage costs, you’ll want our incredible reverse mortgage rates.

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Our reverse mortgage options and reverse mortgage rates alone are why we’re the best place to get a reverse mortgage. You’ll receive the reverse mortgage funding that you need, and be able to live out your retirement with peace of mind.

Besides our rates, you should choose our reverse mortgage loan services because of our reverse mortgage options. We’re one of the few companies that offer several different types of reverse mortgages. Unlike major reverse mortgage lenders, we are a reverse mortgage broker who is not locked into just one product. We understand that not every reverse mortgage for seniors will match their needs. Some may need other reverse mortgage options. We work closely with the biggest reverse mortgage lenders to find the best option for you.

Whether you want to make a reverse mortgage purchase, you wish to refinance a reverse mortgage, or you just want to make sure you get the most affordable plan, we’re the place to get a reverse mortgage loan. Our expert reverse mortgage loan solutions will ensure you get exactly what you need.

Part of the reason why we’re reputable is that we offer reverse mortgage protection. Some companies don’t offer reverse mortgage protection. This should be a red flag for those who want a safe reverse mortgage purchase. Even if you just want to refinance a reverse mortgage, you should always ensure that the lender offers protection. With a government-backed HECM reverse mortgage, you will never owe more than the home is worth.

One final reason why we’re a professional place to get a reverse mortgage is that we understand our business. We’ll make sure you have all of the reverse mortgage information you need to decide whether or not our reverse mortgage for seniors services is what you need. Ultimately, we want to help you make the decision that meets your needs the most.

Our brokers will work closely with you to help you determine what kind of reverse mortgage for seniors is right for you. We’ll answer all of your questions and ensure you have all of the reverse mortgage information you need upfront to help you understand how reverse mortgage loans work. This will enable you to unlock financial freedom and make the most of your senior years.

Steps to Getting a Reverse Mortgage

If you’re interested in our reverse mortgage loan solutions, then your first step should be to call us. We’ll give you the reverse mortgage information you need about a reverse mortgage for a new purchase, how to refinance a reverse mortgage, and other financial decisions. Another one of the steps to getting a reverse mortgage is understanding how much you’ll receive each month.

We’ll help you calculate your reverse mortgage. Once you have all of the information that you need, you can move onto the next steps to getting a reverse mortgage.

Our team will be there through every step of the process. We’ll make sure you never feel alone when signing up for your loan.

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Whether you want a reverse mortgage for a new purchase or you just want to ensure you can meet your monthly expenditures, a loan from our company can help. Our team will work closely with you and make a custom loan plan for your needs. With the lowest rates around and a professional team on your side, you’re sure to benefit from our services. Give us a call today to start filling out your loan application. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to enjoying retirement in no time.

* borrower still must pay property taxes and homeowner’s insurance as with any mortgage loan

Flexible Reverse Mortgage Solutions

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