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About Reverse Mortgages

Making Payments on a Reverse Mortgage

Unlike most traditional mortgage loans, HECM reverse mortgage borrowers are not required to make monthly mortgage payments. Instead, payment is due in full either upon…

About Reverse Mortgages18th June, 2020

Reverse Mortgage on Condominiums: Requirements Explained

For years condominium owners have been denied from reverse mortgages due to strict Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guidelines. Fortunately, as of October 15, 2019, newly…

About Reverse Mortgages, Finance16th June, 2020

Reverse Mortgage Example

Oftentimes, questions arise from borrowers, family members and basically every other person who isn’t vested in reverse mortgages and does not exactly understand how it…

About Reverse Mortgages16th June, 2020

What Happens After Death with a Reverse Mortgage?

Common Misconceptions Reverse mortgages are intended to enhance the lives of homeowners 62 years and over by enabling them to continue residing in their homes…

About Reverse Mortgages11th June, 2020

Ways to Receive Money from a Reverse Mortgage

Receiving your payments from a reverse mortgage is extremely flexible with many different payment plans available. Generally, the borrower has the following options: Tenure: Equal…

About Reverse Mortgages7th June, 2020

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

A Reverse Mortgage, the most common of which is known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), is a widely unknown Federally Insured Program to…

About Reverse Mortgages7th June, 2020

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