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The Best Reverse Mortgage Options in El Paso, TX

A problem that many seniors are facing is a lack of funds in their retirement age. Even with all of their savings, they may find that they don’t have the money to pay off credit card debt. Or they may lack the funds to go on fun adventures. That shouldn’t be the case. If you want to enjoy your retirement in the ways that matter, then you should utilize the reverse mortgage services of South River Mortgage. We’ve been helping seniors in El Paso, TX improve their retirement. Here’s what you need to know about our reverse mortgage services in El Paso, TX.

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HUD-Approved Counseling Agencies in El Paso, TX

Counseling Agency
Phone number AddressWebsite
DALLAS COUNTY HOME LOAN COUNSELING CENTER 214-819-60602377 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 724
Dallas, Texas 75207-2710
NAVICORE SOLUTIONS- DALLAS, TX 866-472-455717440 North Dallas Parkway
Suite 134
Dallas, Texas 75284-0001
Suite A
Fort Worth, Texas 76104-4477
CREDIT COALITION 713-224-81003300 Lyons Ave # 203A
Houston, Texas 77020-8252
MONEY MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL INC. 866-232-908014141 Southwest Fwy
Sugar Land, Texas 77478-3493

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How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help Grow Your Wealth

It’s possible to grow your wealth by taking out a reverse mortgage in El Paso, TX. The idea of anything to do with a mortgage may not make sense in terms of making money. Yet a reverse mortgage is different from a standard mortgage.

With standard mortgages, there’s a set amount of money that you need to pay back each month. A reverse mortgage pays you a set amount of money each month instead. Our reverse mortgage lenders can explain how your reverse mortgage in El Paso, TX is based on your equity specifically.

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Most seniors have a lot of equity in their homes, which qualifies them for the reverse mortgage. If you don’t plan to move, then you’re not properly utilizing your equity. It’s money just sitting there.

Our reverse mortgage brokers in El Paso, TX can help you access your equity. You can choose either to receive monthly installments or a line of credit, depending on your needs.

A reverse mortgage in El Paso, TX can be enough money to pay off your credit cards, have a fun adventure, or may even attempt to grow your wealth by investing it. No matter what your plan may be, we have reverse mortgage options in El Paso, TX for you.

Trust in Our Reverse Mortgage Lenders in El Paso, TX

Where you get your reverse mortgage services is important. There are plenty of reverse mortgage brokers in El Paso, TX, our brokers are here to make sure you can enjoy your retirement. No matter what reverse mortgage option you choose, you can always expect rates catered to your individual needs from us.

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Why South River Mortgage?

South River Mortgage is a leader in reverse mortgages in Los Angeles, California. South River Mortgage has an expert staff of loan advisors and always gives back to the community.

Proprietary Loan Programs

South River Mortgage has many proprietary loan programs that allow South River Mortgage to qualify many borrowers who would otherwise be ineligible or denied for a reverse mortgage loan. For this reason, South River Mortgage is a top rated reverse mortgage company

South River Mortgage Gives Back

We believe in giving back to the communities we operate in, and we believe in helping seniors. This is why South River Mortgage sponsors hundreds of AARP memberships annually and participates in company-wide volunteer days.

Expert Loan Advisors

All staff members treat clients as we would treat our own family members. Our expert loan advisors go through a thorough guided training program, complete continuing education annually, and are well-regarded as the experts in the field.

How a Reverse Mortgage Works

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